The Crazy Pizza People - 2012-13

Our team, The Crazy Pizza People, is affiliated with Crissman Elementary School and has team members from Crissman and Malow Junior High, both part of the Utica Community School District.  The team includes eight students spanning fourth through seventh grades.
The team earned the Grand Champion title at both the regional Thunderquest tournament and at the Michigan White Lake State Tournament. teampic

(In order from L-R):
Katie (Crissman) 4th grade (2nd year)
Cheyenne (Crissman) 4th grade (Rookie)
Nick (Crissman) 4th grade (Rookie)
Carter (Crissman) 5th grade (2nd year)
Corey (Crissman) 6th grade (2nd year)
Austin (Crissman) 6th grade (2nd year)
Giovanni (Malow Jr. High) 7th grade (2nd year)
Alex (Malow Jr. High) 7th grade (4th year)

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